Since a young age Roxanne has been interested in developing scripts, directing, and producing works for stage. Her approach to the work makes use of seemingly esoteric or overlooked subjects matters, which are not normally presented in a theatrical setting. The aims of these works are to inspire audiences to rethink their positions on both opera/music theatre and the subjects they are presented with. To understand them from a human perspective despite their seemingly distant connections to our everyday lives.

Roxanne has written a biography of Rosalind Franklin for King’s College London and three libretti including Entanglement! An Entropic TaleBesse: Water, Rye and Hops, and The Flowering Desert

Future works for Roxanne include a new opera about the solar system TRAPPIST-1, in collaboration with Birmingham Think Tank and physicists at UoB, and a collaboration with the composer Anna Ho on her new work The Buddha and the Monkey King (to be premiered at the Tete a Tete festival 2021). She is also working on a new opera about tree roots as part of Roki and Roli. Beyond this she is always looking for inspiring content (especially scientifically or mythologically based) to explore for future works.

Entanglement! An Entropic Tale

This opera makes use of the 20th century’s greatest advancements in physics to create a new mythopoetic tale, following the fate of one confused electron, as it battles with the laws of physics and vast cosmological encounters.

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“The show very effectively represents the paradoxes and haphazardness of nature . . .”

Anna Marshall, Leftlion Nottingham

Besse: Water, Rye and Hops

Besse is a beer opera trilogy telling the story of a brewster against the backdrop of the Black Death, the rising patriarchy and witch hunts. Will she survive the alcoholic further of the crowds around her?