The Delusion of Separation: resource list

TED talk and related website of LINV (International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence)

Monica Gagliano has many talks on youtube (including a TED talk). Her book “Thus Spoke the Plant” has also been a key inspiration.

Professor in plant ecology, Suzanne Simard is instrumental in the research of plant and mychorrhizal networks in forests.

The above article covers much of the research on both sides of the plant sentience debate.

The above article (2006) “Electrical signals and their physiological significance in plants” is on electrical signals in plants.

The above article (2017) “Are Plants Sentient” describes how plants prioritize between signals in the order of their response. This is what begins to help us question to possibility of plant sentience. Much of the establishment are still in great doubt over consciousness or sentience but there is a growing body of evidence which suggest we should be considering the idea, or at least finding ways of thinking of consciousness or sentience that might be associated with plant rather than plant or animal consciousness. The key concern seems to be that we will be diminishing the experience of animal consciousness (ideas of pain and suffering in particular).

The article (2020) above gives a thorough explanation for why scientists should not use ideas associated to animals when trying to determine the nature or existence of plant consciousness. They argue against the use of anesthetics to prove plant pain response

The above article deals with what key plant biologists mean by “intelligence” in the debate around plant intelligence (2018).

Above is an interview with Monica Gagliano on her terminology and lack of metaphor.

Above is a link to an article describing the “edge effect” which is the problem of creating many edges to habitats.

The book “Wisdom from a Ranforest: The Spiritual Journey of an Anthropologist” is an ethnographic journey of Stuart A. Schlegel on his time with the Teduray people in the Philippine rainforest on the island of Mindanao in the 1960’s. His account and description of this tolerant and caring society will greatly inform the society of the rainforest in this piece.

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