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Roxanne Korda is a soprano and librettist working in the fields of music theatre and opera to express esoteric subject matter in a unique and thought provoking way.

Recent and upcoming work:

Biscuit song. Librettist, soprano and filmmaker.

The Biscuit Song

During lockdown Roxanne Korda wrote, performed and co-created the short film for “The Biscuit Song Premiere” to document the effect of biscuit withdrawal symptoms. Beware biscuits shall be required when watching this video.

It was a resounding success thanks to the attendance and participation of all audience present and comments could be heard such as:

“Huge fun. Absolutely takes the biscuit. I loved the animations as well as the music” (Michael)

“This is the best thing that ever happened . . . The world needs more of this”. (Rudabeh)

If you were too busy and you missed it . . . you can still find it available if you click here!

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The Flowering Desert character study 1 - The Measurer. Soprano and librettist.

The Flowering Desert: The Measurer

Previously in lockdown the Infinite Opera team (Roxanne Korda – soprano and librettist, Daniel Blanco Albert – composer), in collaboration with the film maker Tadas Stalyga, completed the first in a series of videos for their current project – The Flowering Desert. This opera is based on the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 solar system. The Measurer is an astrophysicist. They are watching the Atacaman sky from the mountains of the La Silla observatory in Chilli.

We presented this film at research festivals throughout the summer with many expressing an unexpected emotional reaction. You can watch it here.

Form more information on this and other works by Infinite Opera click here.

The Buddha, the Monkey King and the Monk of the River

Roxanne Korda is the librettist for a new opera by Anna Ho – an adaptation of the Chinese epic tale “Journey to the West”. This will be performed in full next summer at the Tete A Tete festival but you can watch the prologue to the piece, with words by Michael Lam, by following the link. Below is a trailer. The full opera will be recorded over the next year and ultimately will be performed in full next summer.